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Physical Education

  • Physical Education Overview K-12

    • Physical Education Philosophy

      The Physical Education Department, as well as Naperville School District 203, has made a commitment to prepare students to live healthy, productive and physically active lives for the 21st Century.

      • Physical education will provide every student with a variety of challenges that will contribute to the development and maintenance of their physical, cognitive, and affective well being.
      • Students will be provided with the foundation for making informed decisions that will empower them to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
      • Physical Education is a lifelong process, which is the primary responsibility of the student, shared by home, district and community.


      Physical Education Curriculum Beliefs

      • The following strands must be interwoven into the K-12 Physical Education curriculum: movement skills strand; fitness education strand; team building strand; cognitive/literacy strand and technology strand.
      • Quality daily Physical Education is essential, Kindergarten -12.
      • Delivery of quality instruction requires certified physical educators.

    Physical Education Curriculum K-5

    • K-Grade 2

      • Bean Bags
      • Domes
      • Following Directions
      • Locomotor Skills
      • Moving in Open Space
      • Moving in Personal Space
      • Orientation
      • Starting & Stopping

      Grades 1-2

      • The Concept of Fitness
      • Four Square Lead Up
      • Understanding Cardiovascular Fitness
    • K-Grade 5

      • Cooperation

      Grades 1-5

      • Pedometers

      Grades 3-4

      • Educational Developmental Gymnastics
    • Grades 3-5

      • Cooperation
      • Dance
      • Dribbling
      • Exercise Cards
      • Exercise Task
      • Heart Rate Monitors
      • Kicking
      • Secret Exercises
      • Striking
      • Team Building - Cross the River
      • Team Building - Life Rafts
      • Team Building - Noodles
      • The Circuit

Physical Education at Elmwood

  • Our elementary PE program at Elmwood School includes different lessons from many different units.  Some of the units include team building or cooperative lessons, fitness, adventure education, dance, and team sports. These are units that we have developed in the past 20 years while I have had the privilege of being the Physical Education teacher at Elmwood School. Our cooperative units include lessons that enable students to respect one another and work together in order to achieve different objectives. Fitness units relate to the students’ ability to develop physical strength and cardiovascular endurance.  Cardiovascular endurance, specifically requires students to exercise their bodies for extended periods of time.

    Some of our cardiovascular challenges involve the students demonstrating the ability to find their own pace or comfort zone while completing distance runs. Some of the distance runs include the mile or the pacer test. The 4th and 5th grade students are the only classes that will complete the mile challenge at the end of the school year. We use the pacer test to introduce the concept of endurance and challenge students at the primary levels. Some of our adventure education units include roller skating at the 3rd-5th grade levels and rock climbing for all grade levels. Our 3rd-5th grade students get the unique opportunity to learn and practice top rope climbs.  The top rope climbs include intensive training related to belaying (commands and procedures with the ropes) and using a harness. The primary grades are instructed in the skills of spotting and traversing (vertical and horizontal climbing). Cooperation is one of our primary learning targets for the rock climbing unit in that we encourage the students to communicate effectively at all times. Another one of our adventure activities is our Just Dance program. This program encourages a collaboration of lifelong fitness and fun throughout the school year. Specifically the students mimic the movements that they see on our giant screen in the new Elmwood Gym.

Elmwood PE Staff

  •   Mr. Howard
    Corby Howard
    Ms. Westlove
    Hannah Westlove
  • For more information regarding District 203 curriculum please see the district site.

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