• Music

    There are many opportunities to be a part of Performance Music here at Kennedy regardless of your musical experience.  Please check out all the different opportunities under the Band, Choir, and Orchestra links on the left side of the page.

Music Overview

  • Mission

    …to educate students to be self-directed learners, collaborative workers, complex thinkers, quality producers and community contributors using music study and performance as a framework to experience, understand and demonstrate these ideals.

    Naperville 203's Music Philosophy

    We believe music is an essential part of learning and all students should have equitable access to a comprehensive, cohesive, and rigorous program of study that develops music literacy and instills a lifelong love, enjoyment, understanding, and respect for music. The music program of study will:

    • Provide opportunities for creating, performing, responding, and connecting to music independently and collaboratively, while engaging in authentic, developmentally appropriate experiences.
    • Prepare students to explore, experience, and perform music of a variety of genres and styles both individually and in community.
    • Provide individualized skill development, where students can realize their potential and become college and career ready.
    • Deepen the understanding of music as a common language that bridges cultures and history.
    • Nurture a personal level of understanding, appreciation, and passion for music.