I’m Trying to Love Germs

by Bethany Barton Year Published: 2023


This week’s book pick continues a fun series that students have had access to over the years! I’m Trying to Love Germs comes from Bethany Barton, who also wrote I’m Trying to Love Spiders, Give Bees a Chance, and I’m Trying to Love Math. In this latest edition, the narrator and a microbe are discussing the finer points of the hidden world of pathogens, viruses, bacteria, and the differences among all of them! This book is a great companion for any student that loves to learn about the world all around us, with a funny lens. Pick up this one, and then go read Do Not Lick This Book! to complete a hilarious (and slightly gross) set of books to read. Learn to accept they outnumber us and what we can do to help (we need some of them!) and hinder them (we don’t need some of them!) Check it out today!