• Checking Out Books
    Each week, students in kindergarten can check out one book for 1 week. Students in grade 1 can check out one book at a time until Winter Break, and then 2 books for the rest of the year. Students in grades 2,3, 4 can check out two books at a time; students in grades 5 and are allowed three books at a time. Magazines are also available, and are treated as if they are a book, for check-out.

    Lost/Damaged Books
    Students who lose or damage library materials will be expected to pay for the cost of replacing the item. If a lost item has been found and in good condition, a refund will be issued.

    Overdue Items

    All materials are checked out for 2 weeks at a time (Gr. 1-5). If a book or magazine is not returned on the due date, no new item can be taken at that time.


    Playaways are digital audiobooks. Inour LRC these are offered with a paperback copy of the book title. Each pouch consists of : the pouch, the playaway itself, and a companion book. Playaways are for the 4th and 5th grade students only and they have a 2 week check-out.