• Daily School Information

    When does the school year start and end?
    See the District Calendar.

    What are school hours?

    Grades K-5: starts 8:15 a.m., dismissed 2:30 p.m.
    Grades 6-8: starts 8:00 a.m., dismissed 2:50 p.m.
    Grades 9-12: 7:45 a.m., dismissed 3:10 p.m.

    What are school hours on half-day Institute days?

    Preschool students do not attend on half-days
    Typically, the following schedule is followed.
    However, in some circumstances kindergarten
    schedule may change. Please check with your school.

    Grades K-5: start 8:15 AM, dismissed 11:35 AM
    Grades 6-8: start 8:00 AM, dismissed 11:15 AM
    Grades 9-12: start 7:45 AM, dismissed 12:00 NOON

    How does one enroll a student in a District 203 school?
    Students must be registered directly at the school they will be attending (registration is NOT taken at the administrative offices). A copy of the official birth certificate (not a hospital certificate) must be shown to school officials when registering a child for the first year in an Illinois public school. Registration and physical exam forms may be acquired in advance or when visiting District 203. Proof of residency (a signed lease or purchase agreement or contract to build) should be available and shown to school officials. If transferring from out of state, a child must have a physical exam by a licensed physician within 12 months of enrolling in an Illinois school at any grade level. All immunizations and the dates they were administered must be listed in a document signed by a licensed health care provider. Claims for exemption from immunizations or physical examinations on the basis of religious beliefs must be submitted at the time of registration in writing to the Superintendent of Schools, Naperville Community Unit School District 203, Administrative Center, 203 W. Hillside Rd., Naperville IL 60540-6589.

    What are class sizes?

    Class sizes vary among buildings and among grade levels within one building. At the elementary level, teachers with larger classes usually have assistants. For more information, refer to the District 203 Report Card. At the elementary level the average pupil-teacher ratio is 19.6; at the secondary level it is 19.2.

    Is transportation provided to and from school?
    Trained and licensed personnel operate and maintain the District 203 fleet of vehicles that transport students to and from schools, athletic events and field trips. Pupils are entitled to transportation to and from school when they reside more than 1.50 miles from their attendance centers. Busing may also be provided if they live within walking distance but encounter qualifying safety hazards en route. Call 630-420-6464 for transportation related questions.
    What is the cut-off age for kindergarten?
    Illinois regulations state that children who attain the age of five by September 1 may attend kindergarten. If a child is already in kindergarten and transferring from a public school in another state where the cut-off date is later than September 1, the child may continue kindergarten in that same year.

    Do the schools have hot lunch programs?
    K-5 graders bring sack lunches and receive half-pint cartons of milk through an optional service paid for at the time of registration. Yes, there is a hot lunch available.

    Is before or after school care available?

    Heritage YMCA's Safe 'n' Sound before/after-school program is operated in conjunction with Districts 203 and 204. The Safe 'n' Sound before-school program (6:30-8 AM) is available at Meadow Glens, River Woods, Scott and Steeple Run elementary schools. The after-school program (2:30-6 PM) is available at all District 203 elementary schools except Naper. Registration and payment is handled through the Heritage YMCA.

    Does District 203 have summer school?
    Summer school programs are offered for elementary, junior high and high school students. 

    Is there a Parent Teacher Association in District 203?
    The Naperville Home and School Association is the local equivalent of the PTA, but it is not associated with any national organization. Home & School Divisions serve each of the 21 schools in District 203. In addition, there is an organization called School Family Community Partnership which does have national affiliation. SFCP has action teams in all 21 schools.

    Are volunteers wanted in District 203 schools?

    The following volunteer opportunities are available:
    Naperville Home & School Association
    SFCP, the high school booster clubs
    School improvement teams at each school
    Naperville Education Foundation
    HURRAH (Happy Upbeat Recycled Retirees Actively Helping)
    Business/Community/Education Partnerships