Ranch View Home & School Nominations

    Excited to announce the 2019-2020 proposed Ranch View Executive Board slate.  Please make sure to attend the March 19thH&S meeting where we will vote to approve this slate.

    Co-President:        Audrey Minor

    Co-President:        Erin Wikman

    Vice President 1:   Chrissi Ryba

    Vice President 2:   Robin Antognoli

    Treasurer:            Michelle Clark

    Secretary:            Jasmine Patel



     2018-2019 School Year

    As we bid farewell to all of our summer fun, we are so excited for the new school year.  What a wonderful learning environment we have for all of our students, including the brand new Kindergarten class!  Just imagine, they are the first class to go through Ranch View only knowing our brand new LRC.  They never knew the old one!


    Looking ahead we have so many opportunities for you, the parents & guardians of our RV students, to get involved at the school.  Whether it’s taking a 2 hour shift at the Book Fair, running the Book Fair itself or anything in between, we have a spot just for you.  The joy of seeing your little one at school is worth the effort!  It is the passion of our Ranch View community that provides so much support for our children & staff.


    We have always been Ranch View Rangers...staying ahead of the herd, and we continue this tradition today.  Please continue your positive efforts and contributions whether you are a student, parent or staff member!  And if you are new to The Ranch I encourage you to extend your hand and volunteer to become an integral part in this strong history.  


    Thank You!

    Audrey Minor

    Ranch View Home and School President




    Watch your email for these rewarding volunteer opportunities or visit:

    https://goo.gl/E9ndMd to view ALL the requests for volunteers at The Ranch!


    Also, we have finalized the changes to our New Family Survival Guide for those of you new to District 203 and/or Ranch View Elementary.  Home and School heard many of you had questions about things we do and how we operate.  We hope you will find the information contained within useful.  Please follow the link to access the digital copy:


    New Family Survival Guide


    If you have any questions please contact me at ranchviewpresident@gmail.com


    Audrey Minor