Happy Winter Everyone!

     What a wonderful time of year to celebrate each family’s traditions!  We know that the kids love to share their families’ observances and culture.  We’ve seen a lot of outfits that commemorate different cultures and could not be more pleased!

     Looks like the snow is coming, if October is any indication.  We may be in for a doozy, just like last year.  Crossed fingers for no 3 or 4 day snow days in the same week!  Although the joy of a snow day on your child’s face is a beautiful thing.

     We just want to take a moment to pause and wish you a happy holiday.  There are many traditions in our school and we are all the richer for it.  Take a moment to hug your little ones a bit tighter this winter and enjoy the diversity of Chicago weather!

     Thank you for all you do!

    Audrey Minor & Erin Wikman


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