• Welcome to Kindergarten!
    Mrs. Dill    Mrs. Kolbe   Miss Furgason  Mrs. Sheridan

        Mrs. Dill             Mrs. Kolbe           Miss Furgason      Mrs. Sheridan

       In Our Kindergarten:
    We share everything.
    We play fair and take turns.
    We are kind to each other. Friends are important, and worth keeping.
    We listen to each other. When we are working on a problem, two heads are better than one.
    We put things back where they go.
    We tell people how we feel about the things they do.
    We exercise our bodies every day. It helps us feel better and makes us ready to learn.
    We have people read to us every day. It opens the world to us.
    We experiment with writing. It will help us to remember things.
    We sing and dance and draw pictures. It makes learning fun.
    We look everywhere. We talk to each other. We notice things.
    This is our classroom. We take care of it.