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Students access the Ranch View Learning Commons, for research, learning activities, robotics, and book checkout. Students have an assigned book checkout time. However, they may check out books on a daily basis whenever they have permission from their classroom teacher, and desire to do so. The LC houses a variety of books from Easy Readers to Non-Fiction titles.

Teachers and students also use the LC, located in the center of the school for additional activities throughout the day. There is never a dull moment in our Learning Commons!

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  • Commonly Asked Questions!

    Posted by Jessie Mougette on 12/13/2019

    What does LC mean?

    LC stands for Learning Commons. The library is housed within the LC as well as the iLab and several Huddle Rooms.

    How come the replacement fee for my child’s library book is so high? I saw it cheaper on Amazon.

    Many of the books in the library are Library Bound, which means the pages are sewn in, not glued like most books you’d buy at the store. The books need to withstand 560 students turning the pages.
    Pages that are sewn in are more durable.  

     How can my child renew their book?

    When students come to the LC for their class time, they check out their book for the week. If they’d like to keep the book longer, they can renew it at the Self Checkout Station located at the circulation desk.

     I got an overdue email notice. My child said they had returned their books.

    All classrooms have a black rolling cart outside or just inside their door. Students put their books in the classroom cart when they are finished. Daily classroom helpers bring the cart to the LC every morning before 8:30am. Your child may have put their book in the classroom cart after it was taken down. If you have received the notice, ask your student to check the classroom cart and walk the book to the library themselves.

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