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    Indicator CL8: All teachers will invite valid and reliable Learning Supports identified by their school leadership into their classrooms including but not limited to programs/strategies, co-teaching opportunities, and consultation.


    ·         Staff will utilize all Learning and Reading Support Coaches to enhance instruction and implement best practices in meeting the needs of all students.

    ·         Building leaders will foster the co- teaching model to include all support staff in team planning and implementation of core curriculum.

    ·         All staff will utilize the Staff Collaboration Center for Student Achievement as a Professional Learning hub to enhance professional practices.

    ·         Staff will implement teacher led PLC’s related to student data and responsive teaching practices, that involve all assigned grade level support staff.

    Indicator CL10: The school culture will promote and support the academic, physical, social, emotional, and behavioral skill development and engagement of students.


    ·         Staff will align SEL standards with mission strands, the theme of building grit, and culturally responsive practices (CRP), then connect this to a building wide behavior plan.

    ·         Staff will continue to participate in professional development to support the implementation of Culturally Responsive instructional strategies in classrooms, utilizing district and outside resources to support Professional Development related to CRP.

    ·         Building Leaders will participate in the Equity Audit process and review audit findings with staff to inform our next steps in the implementation of CRP.

    ·         Staff will restructure how Parent Volunteers are utilized within the building at all grade levels to support student achievement.

    Indicator IID11: Instructional Teams review the results of unit pre-/post-tests to make decisions about the curriculum and instructional plans and to "red flag" students in need of intervention (both students in need of tutoring or extra help and students needing enhanced learning opportunities because of their early mastery of objectives.


    ·         All members of the instructional team will engage in team planning and differentiation of core curriculum, utilizing all team members, including support staff. 

    ·         All members of the instructional team will utilize the new Tienet system to record differentiation for small groups and individuals.

    ·         All members of the instructional team will place emphasis on evidence of differentiation by utilizing consistent student goal setting and specific teacher feedback. (as in the Seven Strategies of Assessment model by Chappuis & Stiggins).

    ·         All members will expand their use of a variety of formative assessments to monitor student progress.

    Indicator TL9: All teachers incorporate the use of technology in their classrooms when it enhances instruction and builds 21st Century Learning Skills.


    ·         Staff will expand the use of e-portfolios for each student in grades 3-5.

    ·         Staff will explore the ISTE standards at each grade level and use a variety of devices for application.

    ·         Staff will explore how the SAMR model can be implemented to enhance instruction.

    Staff will utilize the Canvas Learning Management System at all grade levels, with all support teams and within administration, to provide two way parent communication and involvement.
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