• What is the Ranch View Home and School Association?

    The Ranch View Home & School Association (RVHS) is a non-profit organization comprised of an Executive Board, over 30 committees and all Ranch View parents. That’s right - every Ranch View parent whose child currently attends Ranch View Elementary School is a part of RVHS. 

    What does Home & School do?

    The mission of RVHS is to:

    • Facilitate school-to-home communication;

      • Any backpack mail that comes home on a yellow sheet of paper is from Home & School.

      • The H&S Happenings email sent home on Thursdays to all parents includes useful and helpful information from RVHS

      • Coordinates posting information on Facebook Parent page

    • Coordinate volunteers and organize school activities;

    • Financially support curriculum-based, student-centered projects and activities.

    Our fundraising efforts allow us to:

    • fund field trips

    • sponsor assemblies

    • purchase birthday books; and

    • facilitate events such as the Science Fair and Field Day. 

    We also financially support the School Improvement Plan (SIP) with the purchase of capital items that enhance the education environment. In 2019-20, we raised funds to help rebuild teacher classroom libraries and purchase a t-shirt printer for the Learning Commons.

    RVHS also coordinates and sponsors events like Saddlefest and the Ice Cream Social where the goal is to simply promote a sense of community through fun and friendship.

    Ranch View School is a great place where faculty, staff, students and parents all work together to create the best learning atmosphere possible.  RVHS is an important part of the foundation to this successful team. Volunteers are the heart of our organization and we are fortunate to have so many dedicated Ranch View individuals giving their time and talents.

    Check out a list of committees and volunteer opportunities; or contact us to learn more about getting involved at Ranch View.


    Robin Antognoli (ranchviewpresident@gmail.com) and Chrissi Ryba (ranchviewpresident2@gmail.com)