In the event of a disaster requiring long-term evacuation from the building, these procedures will be followed:

    1. The principal or office secretary will call 911 and the Central Office.

    2. Students will evacuate the school and assemble outdoors as they would for a fire drill.

    3. Attendance will be taken by teachers.

    4. Students will maintain their classroom lines with teacher supervision throughout the relocation process.

    5. Class lines of students led by staff, will walk to the blacktop area off Wehrli Road and await transport by bus to Ranch View Elementary.

    6. The building secretary will phone the bus garage regarding the need for buses. The building secretary will notify Ranch View Elementary.

    7. Students and staff will be transported by bus to Ranch View Elementary.

    8. The principal and assistant principal will remain on site and will designate which classroom groups to begin boarding.

    9. Buses will pick up children and staff.

    10. Students will remain with their assigned classes with teacher supervision for the duration of the transportation procedure and the assembly at Ranch View.

    11. Upon arrival at Ranch View, attendance will be taken.

    12. At Ranch View, parents will be notified via email and phone through District Talk203.

    13. Students will be dismissed when it is determined that conditions are safe. This decision will be made by the administration with the appropriate authorities (fire and/or police department).

    14. Students will be dismissed only to their parents/guardians or emergency contact person.

    15. Parents/guardians who pick up children must show proper identification and sign out their child(ren) with the classroom teacher.

    16. If parents/guardians are not available, the students will be safely detained until an authorized person is identified and available. Emergency phone numbers listed on the child’s enrollment form will be used to notify.

    17. An informational line will be established during the event at Central Office (420-6318 or 420-6300) and at Ranch View (420-6575 or 420-6577), and, if possible, at Meadow Glens (420-3203).

    18. If evacuation is not warranted, but a secure “lock-down” is required, the office will announce the procedure and the school staff will follow appropriate safety protocol.