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    Fifth Grade Curriculum

    Fifth grade teachers spend time helping their students develop independence and increased responsibility in the transition toward junior high. Highlights of our year include Outdoor Education and the musical performance in the Spring.

    Nature's Recyclers, Energy, and Earth's Changing Surface are the focus of our three science units. Social Science revolves around American History. The first trimester includes the American Revolution and the Industrial Revolution. The second trimester includes a Civil War simulation, Immigration and Human Rights. The third trimester focuses on World Wars I and II and Technological Innovations.

    Our Math curriculum deals with fractions the first trimester.  During the second and third trimesters we focus on decimals, percents, algebra and data.

    Reading concentrates on the strategies of making connections, forming sensory images, questioning, inferring, journaling and determining importance. The focus in writing is on the six traits. Students will practice the use of the six traits through personal narratives, expository and persuasive pieces. Time will also be spent on poetry, and a research paper. It will be a very busy year.