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    Fourth Grade Curriculum

     Fourth graders at Kingsley School learn about and explore many exciting topics.

    Math involves honing our numeracy skills and mastering our basic facts to utilize in the exploration and mastery of more complex division and multiplication.  Problem solving and mental math are included in our daily focus as well.  Geometry concludes our math year.

    A variety of instructional settings from teacher led to student driven make up our reading instruction. Readers study crucial components and strategies in various genres that build toward self-driven reading with strong understanding of text.

    Writing includes study of the six traits common to quality compositions.  These traits are practiced and incorporated into narrative, expository and persuasive pieces.

    Social Science focuses on the five United States regions and what defines them.  Illinois is studied as a separate unit.

    Science includes three units, one to explore each of the fields of science.  The physical science unit is Matter.  The earth science unit is Watery Earth. The final unit covers life science and our health curriculum with Human Body in Motion and special emphasis on the Circulatory System.  Each kit allow for hands on investigation to mesh with research.