Indicator IIIA07:  All teachers differentiate assignments (individualize instruction) in response to individual student performance on pre-tests and other methods of assessment.


·         Teachers will continue to utilize formative assessment practices as part of the plan, assess, and instruct cycle.

·         Staff members will keep individual records which will indicate student mastery towards achieving standards.

·         Teachers will utilize Gold and Purple PLC weeks to analyze and plan from student data.

·         Key leaders will be trained by Cindy Harrison in the area of Professional Learning Communities.

·         Teachers will use common assessments (formal and informal) to adjust learning opportunities for students based on their individual needs.

Indicator IIIC12: All teachers will engage all students (e.g. encourage silent students to participate).


·         Rising Star team members will read and dissect The Formative Assessment Action Plan book.

·         Instructional strategies from TFAAP regarding formative assessment practices will be analyzed and included in professional development with staff.

·         Staff will engage in professional dialogue regarding the new ELA curriculum and intentional planning (targeted mini lesson, small group instruction, conferences).

·         Staff will engage in professional development around ‘depth of knowledge’ as it relates to questioning techniques and student engagement.

·         Staff will begin to unpack how standards based practices (grading and reporting) influence student engagement.

·         Teachers will unpack how culturally responsive practices such as homework policies and student choice impact student engagement.

·         Administration will take part in student engagement focus walks.


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