• 2022-2023 Executive Team

    Gracia Livie, President  kingsleyhspres@gmail.com

    Jill O'Brien Mueller, Vice President 1 kingsleyhsvp1@gmail.com

    Sean Tregesser, Vice President 2 kingsleyhsvp2@gmail.com 

    Anna Childers, Secretary  kingsleyhssecr@gmail.com

    Lisa Pytynia, Treasurer kingsleyhstreas@gmail.com

    Anne Sedore, Parliamentarian annebethsedore@gmail.com



    April 19th - 6:00pm at Kingsley LC

    The focus of this meeting will be to connect with incoming kinder families so they have another chance to ask questions and hear about how to get involved in the Kingsley community.


    As always, kids are welcome to play/read quietly in the LC while we meet!



    Help us to celebrate and honor our Kingsley teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week! We are looking for donations to provide "room service" to our teachers. Please click here to sign up! Please note, all items need to be dropped off no later than April 30th. Can't donate food/drink items? You can also Venmo (Sara-Buresh-1) or Zelle (630-664-7708) and we will buy items for you! Thank you for helping us treat the staff!




     Home & School Mission Statement

    The Naperville District 203 Home & School Association's mission is to
    encourage and facilitate a cooperative partnership among our students,
    parents/guardians, and district staff and administration to support and enhance
    the school experience of each student. Home & School initiates and/or
    supports various programs through the donation of time and sponsorship from its
    district school population and community members. Home & School remains
    constantly fluid to meet the ever-changing needs of our diverse student

    Who We Are
    As Kingsley parents or guardians, you are all automatically members of the Kingsley
    Home & School Association. Kingsley Home & School is a nonprofit organization
    consisting of parent volunteers who work with Kingsley staff to strengthen the Kingsley
    community and to help ensure the best possible school experience for our children. Each
    school in the district has its own Home & School Association. There are no membership
    dues for Kingsley Home & School.
    What We Do
    We coordinate programs and events that focus on community building, family social
    events, and/or fundraising. Funds raised are used to enhance the experience at Kingsley
    for our children – for example, by funding school assemblies or providing grants to
    teachers to supplement their classrooms, as well as fun events like classroom parties and
    large school events.
    How to Learn More and Get Involved
    Throughout the year, Kingsley Home & School communicates to parents through
    various media including the weekly Kingsley “Knightly News” emails, the Kingsley
    school website (www.naperville203.0rg/kingsley), backpack mail, and newsletters. You
    can also follow Kingsley Home & School on Facebook (@KingsleyHomeandSchool)!
    There are many ways to get involved in the Kingsley school community. Volunteer
    opportunities include helping out for a few hours at a particular event, volunteering in
    the Learning Commons, coordinating an event or committee, or serving on the Kingsley
    Home & School Executive Board. Please consider adding your time and talent to the
    Kingsley community. To learn more, please watch for Kingsley Home & School
    communication via the Knightly News and Facebook, there are a lot of opportunities to
    get involved!
    Again, welcome to Kingsley Home & School and thank you for your help making our
    community great!