• Questions most frequently asked by Kindergarten parents:

    1.  How and when do I register my child for kindergarten?
    At Kindergarten Preview in late February or as soon as possible after that. Registration packets are mailed in April.  
    2.  Does my child have the opportunity to meet his/her teacher and see the classroom before school starts?
    This information is made available online shortly before the beginning of the school year.  We will let parents/guardians know when this information will be available and how to access the information.
    3.  Where and at what time may I drop off my child?
    Kindergarten children enter the building at the main entrance on Kingsley Drive. Students should arrive at 8:00 A.M.  If you would like to drop off your child, you may do so at door 4.                    
    4.  What does my child need to bring on their first day?
    A list of required school supplies for Kindergarten students will be included in the Kindergarten Preview folder. You may purchase them independently or pre-order supplies through our Home & School. Ordering through Home & School is a convenient and easy way to obtain all the necessary supplies. Required labeled supplies should be brought to school when you and your child attend "Sneak Peak Day" in August. Label (with permanent marker) each folder, art box and scissors.  If an item gets “lost” the teacher can return it to the student.
    5.  Does my child need a backpack?
    Yes. It should be large enough to hold a pocket folder, lunchbox and a large library book and should be brought to school on the first day. No rolling backpacks please.
    6.  Should my child's belongings be labeled?
    Yes. Please label backpack, lunchbox, non-disposable water bottles, coats (name should be marked on the inside coat tag), boots, mittens, etc. to avoid any confusion.
    7.  If my child takes the bus how will I know where and when he/she will be picked up?
    If your child lives more than a mile and a half from school, they are eligible to ride the school bus. The District Transportation Department will contact you. They will send out a card with the bus number, bus stop, and the approximate time the bus will pick your child up. This information is usually sent sometime before school starts. If you have not received this information the day before school begins, please call 630-420-6464 with any questions.
    8.  When will I meet my child's teacher and see his/her classroom?
    You and your child will be invited to a special "Sneak Peak Day". This is scheduled for one or two days before the first day for kindergarten. You bring your child's labeled supplies and explore the classroom together on your scheduled Sneak Peak Day.
    You will have an opportunity to meet your child's teacher again at our annual Parent Orientation Night, which is held at the beginning of the school year. An evening for parents only, this affords you the opportunity to become familiar with the Kindergarten Curriculum. This evening also provides you a second opportunity to sign up to help out in the classroom in a wide variety of ways.
    An all-school Open House, held in the evening in late January or early February, allows parent and child to visit the classroom together. A favorite of the children, this evening allows them to proudly show their classroom and displays of their work to their parents and siblings.
    9.  What special classes are the children involved in?
    Kindergarten students enjoy music and PE twice a week for 25 minutes. Art is once a week for 50 minutes. Your child's specific schedule will be available on Parent Orientation night. Please note that children must have the proper shoes - velcro or tie sneakers - for PE class. All specials are scheduled for specific color days. A "color day" schedule will be sent home at the beginning of the school year.
    10.  What special resources are available to children with special needs?
    Reading Support teachers are on staff to work in small groups with those children in grades K-3 that need additional instruction.
    We have Learning Behavior Specialist teachers and assistants on staff. This affords those students who require specialized attention in a particular area the opportunity to work individually or in a small group with a teacher or an aide.
    Speech/Language teachers are also present at Kingsley. They work with current students, as well as students of pre-school age.
    A Social Worker and School Psychologist are available to address any concerns or special needs of the students.
    11.  Do kindergarten students go on field trips?
    Yes, field trips are scheduled during the year. They are planned to extend classroom learning and provide hands-on experience.
    12.  When are parent/teacher conferences? When are report cards issued?
    Parent/teacher conferences take place in October and again in February. Report cards are issued in November and March. The final report card of the year is issued on the last day of school.  
    13.  When should I keep my child at home?
    Keep your child at home:
    If a rash is present that has not been evaluated by a physician.
    If your child's oral temperature exceeds 100 degrees F. A child with such a fever should remain home for 24 hours after the temperature returns to normal.
    If the child vomits and continues to experience nausea and/or vomiting.
    If your child complains of severe, persistent pain. The symptom should be referred to a physician for evaluation.
    If your child shows signs of an upper respiratory infection (cold symptoms) serious enough to interfere with the child's ability to learn.
    If there are signs of conjunctivitis ("pink eye") with matter coming from one or both eyes, itching, crust, on eyelids. The child should be evaluated by a physician.
    If there are open sores that have not been evaluated by a physician.
    Proper hygiene, covering mouth when sneezing, using a tissue, washing hands after the bathroom, will keep our children healthy. Encourage your child towards habits of good nutrition, proper rest, and exercise, and proper dental and personal hygiene.
    14.  What procedure do I follow to report my child's absence?
    You need to call 630-420-3212 any time before 8:00 A.M. to report daily absences on the answering machine. Please send a note to your child's teacher and the health technician if you anticipate a pre-planned absence.
    15.  What if my child becomes sick at school?
    Kingsley has a full-time health technician and a part time RN as members of our staff to tend to the medical needs of our students. A medical information card will be included as part of your registration packet. On this card, parents will list all pertinent health information (i.e. – allergies, asthma, diabetes) as well as emergency phone numbers. Should your child become ill at school, every effort will be made to reach a parent at home or at work. In the event both parents are unavailable, one of the persons listed as authorized to pick up your child will be contacted. Please be aware your child will only be released to a parent or persons you have designated as authorized to pick him/her up.
    16.  What if I make a change in my child's bus, carpool, or babysitting routine?
    Please send a dated note to the teacher detailing the changes so that he/she can help your child. No emails please! We cannot ensure it will be seen during the day.  It can be upsetting to the child if the teacher is not aware of a change in schedule. We cannot change the routine if a note is not given to us. Keep in mind, young children often do not have a concept of time or day.
    17.  How does Kingsley communicate important issues to families?
    There are a variety of ways the school communicates with parents. Teacher notes, weekly kindergarten emails, Kingsley Knightly News Blasts, special notices sent home with children, telephone calls and our sign outside are just a few. A bi-monthly calendar is sent home listing daily activities at Kingsley. Additionally, our combined Kingsley School and Kingsley Home and School newsletter is published monthly during the year.
    18.  Is there before and after school daycare available at Kingsley?
    A daycare program is available through the YMCA at Kingsley School called Champions for only grades 1 through 5. Details can be obtained by contacting the YMCA directly.