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    Second Grade Curriculum

    The second graders at Kingsley School are involved in an interesting curriculum. Initially, the children will study about Friendships and Conflict Resolution. The students then study the properties of water, including buoyancy, and the concept of cargo in the sink and float unit. The fascination of the Star Lab and the constellations and their myths captivates all of the students!

    The social science program begins with citizenship and neighborhoods, and continues onto Africa, Australia, and Egypt. Proper nutrition and health care care areas of concern for all of us ... including second graders! The children explore these issues with personal concern.

    Lastly, our Butterfly Unit studies the life cycle of the Painted Lady butterfly. This is a big hit with all of our young scientists! The second grade curriculum promotes problem solving, manipulation, and critical thinking throughout the entire year. It is a curriculum that is enjoyed by all, while fostering academic growth!