• To:  All KJHS Families

    The KJHS 2024-2025 school supply kits are ready to be ordered! 


    Since I am not alone in refusing to think about school during the summer, there is a short turnaround time for ordering.  The deadline to order online is Friday, May 17, 2024



    Please keep in mind that:

    1. Purchasing of these kits is completely OPTIONAL. We are just trying to help simplify your life.
    2. If you don't order a kit, no worries. The attached lists have everything you'll NEED when you go shopping. 
    3. Once placed, your order cannot and will not be cancelled or returned.
    4. Orders will be shipped directly to Kennedy & can be picked up at Locker Jam.
    5. If you miss Locker Jam, don't stress! Your kit will can be picked up later or on the first day of school.
    6. If you purchase a kit, you won't have to worry about school supplies for the rest of summer!!


    Additional notes:

    1. We will ONLY accept CASH & CHECKS for any purchases made at Locker Jam 
    2. We will have extra kits at Locker Jam. They will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. There will be no holds and NO guarantee there will be enough for everyone who missed the deadline.
    3. SCIENCE GOGGLES** are ONLY in the 6th grade kit. We will have them for sale at Locker Jam for $4.
    4. LOCKER SHELVES** can be purchased at Locker Jam for $11 - DO NOT purchase locker shelves at the store, I promise they WILL NOT FIT.


    To Order Your Kit:

    1. Go to www.shopttkits.com
    2. Enter account #33666 
    3. Choose the kit you need - there are NO returns
    4. Enter your student's first & last name
    5. Double check you ordered the correct grade kit
    6. Click the checkbox acknowledging you are ordering the correct kit - there are NO returns
    7. Click add to cart
    8. This will take you to home page
    9. If you need additional kits, this is your chance
    10. When you're done, click continue
    11. Double check your order: correct grade & student name per kit ordered
    13. Add & confirm your email - you will get a shipping confirmation email
    14. Click the box that says order & read terms & conditions, then click AGREE - there are NO cancellations or returns
    15. Continue checkout
    16. Enter your billing info
    17. Double check your order in top right corner
    18. Place Order
    19. Done! Check that off your To-Do List
    20. Keep an eye out for emails regarding Locker Jam*, this is when & where your kits will be picked up
    21. Enjoy your summer!


    **Goggles & locker shelves can be purchased at Locker Jam & up until school starts. Bring cash or a check to purchase.


    Lynn Malko

    KJHS Home & School

    School Supply Committee

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