Dress Code

  • At Washington Junior High we expect students to wear attire that is appropriate for the academic setting.  Inappropriate dress is defined in the district policy below:

    District Policy

    No garments, spiked or dangerous jewelry depicting distasteful symbols debasing the dignity of a person; no garment, jewelry depicting beer, alcohol, liquor, or drugs may be worn at school; no garments, jewelry with sexually explicit, obscene, or vulgar messages or symbols may be worn at school or at any school-sponsored activities.  No coats, caps or bandanas may be worn inside the building.  Decorating oneself (i.e. face-painting) is not appropriate.
    In addition, at all junior highs it is expected that:
    • Students should wear clothing that totally conceals undergarments. 
    • All tops must have straps that are at least one inch wide.
    • Tops must cover the midriff.  
    • All garments should be reasonable in length.
    Classroom teachers will make the determination if clothing does not meet this expectation and they will refer the student to the counselor.   Students will receive one warning when their attire is inappropriate.  After the warning, the student will be referred to the assistant principal.