Teams at Washington

    Students at Washington are divided into grade level teams where they share a core group of teachers for the subjects of  language arts, math, science, and social science.  The teams' teachers meet weekly to share information about curriculum, students, and upcoming events. 
    5th Grade Team

    Jason Kowalkowski 

    Anna Paige

    6th Grade Teams and Team Leaders
    Cougars:  Rachael Bornancin (TL), Emily Brooks, Jennifer Trannon, Jamie Cuny, Jane Loan (LBS)
    Pumas:    Jessica Markelz (TL), Shawna Zimmerman, Kim Jachim, Amy Willer (LBS), Angela Bergantino (LBS)
    7th Grade Teams and Team Leaders
    Cheetahs:   Lori Kimberley (TL), Stephanie Tardi, Nikki Pagano, Kaitlin M. Henaghan, Mike Nutt (LBS)
    Panthers:    Kate Fors (TL), David Rebus, Allan Zwettler, Lynn Cibils (LBS)
    8th Grade Teams and Team Leaders
    Tigers:      Jill Rosner (TL), Heather Pate, Eric Coppersmith, Rodney Johnson, Bob Hamann (LBS)
    Lions:       Gina Pellegrino (TL), Lauren Labriola, Tom Auld, Lynn Cibils (LBS)