Interscholastic Sports Overview



    Interscholastic sports are offered to all 7th and 8th grade boys and girls at Washington. Students are required to have a physical examination on file at school before they can try-out or participate for a sport.  Interscholastic sports take place outside of regular school hours and are in addition to the regular physical education program. Students involved in sports must remain academically eligible to participate. (see eligibility requirements in this section). For more details on these programs, please use the top navigation under Athletics to get to the appropriate section.

    Intramurals are open to all students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. Intramural sports take place outside of the regular school hours.  Students may not participate in intramurals if they are excused from physical education because of injury or illness. For a fee, students may participate in one or all of these activities. There are additional fees for bowling and golf. For more detailed information about Intramurals, please look under Programs & Activities on the top navigation.

    Interscholastic sports include:

    • Girls' Volleyball
    • Boys'/Girls' Cross Country
    • Flag Football
    • Girls' Basketball
    • Wrestling
    • Boys' Basketball
    • Girls'/Boys' Track
    • Cheerleading

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