• Junior High School Remote Learning Schedule:

    Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 7th begins Remote Learning for students. The schedule of classes is below and an April calendar is included. Each Remote Learning Day, students will be required to “check in” to each class via a Google Form. We encourage students to check in early in the day if possible, but understand remote learning allows for student choice in learning times. It is important that students participate in Remote Learning. 


    Junior High-Calendar

    Grades 6-8 will follow a block schedule for courses. Each day students will engage with different subjects, allowing for extended focus on specific content areas. The schedule format is set up as “Schedule A” and “Schedule B” days.  All work should be completed before the next class period meets. For example, math work needs to be done before math meets again. 


    JHS Schedule A

    JHS Schedule B

    30 minutes - Language Arts Reading

    30 minutes - Language Arts Writing

    40 minutes - Science

    40 minutes - PE

    40 minutes - Math

    40 minutes - Social Studies

    40 minutes - Exploratory/World & Classical Languages

    30 minutes - Performance Music Band

    30 minutes - Performance Music Chorus/Orchestra


    Grading and Reporting:

    Junior High students will be graded using Pass/Incomplete instead of the traditional A-F letter grade system. It is strongly encouraged that all students engage in all planned instruction. Continuation of learning and connection with classroom teachers and peers is important during this uncertain time. Students must show evidence of engagement to receive a (P) Pass. If students are not engaged during Remote Learning Days, then they are at risk of receiving an (I) Incomplete. An “incomplete” may result in additional coursework or intervention during summer or at the start of the next school year. 

    Please refer to this video for further explanation. 

    Junior High Remote Learning Grading Practices vide