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  • The Washington Junior High School music performance faculty welcomes you and your student to an exciting and challenging year. The following will explain the policies of the Music Department and we ask for your assistance in implementing them. 


    The main objectives of the music program are to encourage musical growth and provide a lifelong creative outlet for our students. Students and teachers must work together toward the common artistic goal of continually striving to achieve high standards. These can only be met with the utmost cooperation among students, teachers, and parents. Therefore, please read the following information very carefully. 



    Music performance classes rehearse during the week as follows: 




    6th Grade Band Concert Band: Monday and Wednesday, 1st period


    7th Grade Band Symphonic Band: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (minus 

    choir students), 7th period


    8th Grade Band     Symphonic Band: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (minus 

    choir students), 6th period



    6th  Grade Choir   Wednesday and Thursday (small group TBA), 

    Tuesday and Friday (full), 1st period


    7th  Grade Choir Wednesday and Thursday (small group TBA

    Tuesday and Friday (full), 7th period


    8th  Grade Choir Wednesday and Thursday (small group TBA

    Tuesday and Friday (full), 6th period




    6th Grade Orchestra Concert Strings: Monday and Thursday, 1st period


    7th Grade Orchestra Symphonic Orchestra: Monday and Thursday, 7th period


    8th Grade Orchestra Symphonic Orchestra: Monday and Thursday, 6th period

    In addition to the large group rehearsals, every band and orchestra student is to attend a small group technique class that meets once a week, on a rotating basis during the regularly scheduled class periods. Students are responsible for all assignments incurred in academic classes during their technique class time. Work must be turned in to those teachers concurrent with their policies. If a student must miss a technique class due to a major test in another class, the student is excused from the technique class. The music performance course grade will be affected when the student has an unexcused absence from a technique class.

    PARTICIPATION IN PERFORMING ORGANIZATIONS – Every band, orchestra and choir student has enrolled in his/her performance class(es) on an elective sheet requiring parental signature. This voluntary parent-student commitment to a performing organization signifies special musical interest and motivation. It also means acceptance of the responsibility to support the performance team by recognizing and fulfilling these conditions:


    1. Band, orchestra, and choir are full year classes.
    2. Once enrolled, students will be expected to remain in their performance classes throughout the school year, unless excused by the director.
    3. Students and/or parents should address all questions regarding participation in or attendance to specific performance class to the director.
    1. Qualified students who wish to join performance classes during the school year may do so with the approval of the director.
    2. Students are responsible for the folder and music issued to them.  Students must pay replacement costs of all lost/damaged music.


    PERFORMANCES –Performance is an important part of the student’s musical education. It is a chance for them to show what they have learned in class, and provides an opportunity for the students to demonstrate musical growth and talent.  Participation in all performances is required of every student enrolled in a music performance class.  If, due to extenuating circumstances, a student is to be absent from a performance, the director must be notified by the parents at the earliest possible time, but always before the performance.  Absences are excused at the discretion of the director. Absence from a concert, parade, festival or solo/ensemble contest without a prior excuse approved by the director will result in the lowering of the student’s grade by as much as two letters. If an emergency occurs on the day of performance, parents must call the school that day and leave a message, or call the director personally.


    CONCERT DRESS – All students are expected to wear BLACK pants (no sweats or leggings) or BLACK skirt/dress (knee length or longer), the WJHS music polo shirt, and BLACK shoes and socks. It is important that we look unified and professional.  Therefore, everyone is expected to wear the proper concert attire and grades may be affected if students do not wear the proper attire.  If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please ask your director. Please make sure that shirts are pressed and tucked in, regardless of style/type of pants/skirt. The cost of a WJHS music polo shirt is $18 and order forms are available from your child’s director or online.  


    The Washington music faculty is very pleased that your child is participating in one or more of the WJHS music performance classes. We know that the policies we have outlined will enable the music program to run smoothly.

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