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    The President presides over all meetings of the Madison Home & School Association Board and the Executive Board as well as all committees. The President is automatically a member of the Naperville District 203 General Home & School and represents Madison Jr. High in the District and attends all meetings and events as scheduled. The President will maintain the Gmail account assigned to position as well as maintain the files within the Drive for this position.

    Vice President

    The VP is a member of the Executive Board and assumes all duties of the President in the event of the President’s absence. The VP also reviews financial transactions of H&S as needed. The Vice President is responsible for updating and maintaining the social media for H&S. The Vice President is responsible for reviewing the bylaws as needed or at a minimum of every 2 years. The Vice President will maintain the Gmail account assigned to position as well as maintain the files within the Drive for this position. The Vice President should attend Madison H&S monthly meetings


    The Secretary is a member of the Executive Board and keeps minutes of the Madison H&S and Executive Board meetings.  The Secretary is responsible for all H&S correspondence and communication; sends out minutes and financials for electronic votes (when needed) and sends copies of the agenda and minutes to each board member within a week of the upcoming H&S meeting. The Secretary will maintain the Gmail account assigned to position as well as maintain the files within the Drive for this position.


    The Treasurer is a member of the Executive Board. The Treasurer receives and disperses all H&S funds and keeps accurate records using QuickBooks Desktop. Responsibilities include presenting monthly financials to the board each month for approval as well as coordinating and preparing the budget to the board in May. The Treasurer will maintain the Gmail account assigned to the position as well as maintain the files within the Drive for this position.


    Directory/Directory Spot

    Responsible for compiling and uploading data for the Madison Directory Spot in the fall. The data for the directory is provided by a secretary at Madison. The directory template is available in the Madison Home & School Google Drive. Directory Spot chair is also responsible for submitting the Directory Spot bill to the Treasurer for electronic payment. Chair also should confirm directory is accurate and all fields are correct within the Directory Spot app. Chair is responsible for notifying Madison Junior High secretary when Directory Spot is complete and available to families, so families can be told via the school communications system. Chair is responsible for adding new families at their request or making changes at a family’s request.

    8th Grade Moving-On

    Responsible for the 8th Grade Moving On celebration held immediately after the ceremony. The chairperson shall be responsible for collecting donations, coordinating decorations, refreshments and volunteers for set-up and cleanup.


    Responsible for communicating and managing Madison’s only annual fundraiser held in the Fall. Responsibilities include coordinating with pre-selected (by District) vendor and school staff, communicating with the Madison community about the fundraiser, recruiting volunteers, supervising student raffles/games and distributing student prizes.

    Health & Safety

    Responsible for organizing volunteers for the yearly Vision/Hearing screening, an all-day, one-day testing where volunteers work a morning and/or afternoon shift. The Health & Safety chair is also responsible for organizing volunteers for the make-up screening, a one-half day event. Will work with staff, as needed, to promote health and safety to the students.

    Volunteers & Nominations/Volunteer Coordinator

    Responsible for creating SignUp Genius for volunteers  for all H&S committees. This work mainly takes place over the summer . During the school year, the Volunteer Coordinator will communicate with committee chairs and support them as needed.  Spring duties include recruiting committee chairs to fill vacating H&S board (committee chair) positions and presenting an Executive Board slate of candidates to the board for a vote.


    Responsible for planning/evaluating the SFCP programs with the Principal to support the school’s SIP (School Improvement Plan) goals. The Madison Junior High SFCP committee is part of the Home & School board. The SFCP committee chairperson develops and executes a unified schedule of Partnership activities that support the SIP and promotes meaningful parent and community involvement in a manner that encourages collaboration. The SFCP chair serves as Madison’s representative to District 203 SFCP Team meetings and the representative to the district SFCP Action Team, attending approximately 3 meetings per school year. The mission of this group is to promote collaboration and communication between all twenty-three schools.

    School Supplies

    Responsible for school supply kits and PE shirts.  As the School Supply chair, you will act as liaison between school, parents, supply kit vendor and gym shirt vendor. In this role, you will determine contents of supply kits for each grade level by working with staff Team Leaders; place the orders; determine the delivery date of kits (with input from Principal) and be present on delivery/distribution date. Other duties include scheduling parent volunteers to assist on distribution day (week before school starts) and arranging payment to vendors with Treasurer. --online payment. Only pay for “extra” kits sold

    Spirit Wear

    Responsible for all aspects of the Spirit Wear sale in the Fall and Spring including selecting items, distributing flyers, collecting monies (it’s online payment now) and coordinating “delivery” of items. Additional volunteers might be necessary to showcase spirit wear items and sizes during conferences.

    Staff Appreciation

    Responsible for coordinating 3 luncheons a year for the staff including the ‘Welcome Back’, ‘Soup & Stew’, and ‘Teacher Appreciation’ luncheons. This includes coordinating donations and volunteers for the luncheons as well as set-up, serving, and clean up. Other responsibilities include coordinating the celebration of individual recognition days for the support staff at Madison. (ie: Principal’s Day, Nurses’ Week, etc.) as well as other staff recognition activities.