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If you have any questions, please contact any member of the Executive Board.
Maplebrook Home & School (H&S) is an active volunteer group made up of Maplebrook parents and guardians who work in cooperation with Teachers and the Administration to make our school an amazing place for our children.

Our Home & School runs a variety of events and key fundraisers throughout the school year. Monies raised by H&S help fund several educational and social activities for our students including field trips, assemblies, end of year activities, our library collection, class holiday parties, classroom enhancements and so much more.  Volunteer link is: 


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Please add "attn: Officer's Name" in the subject line so that email will be routed to the correct person.
President:  Kathy Raymundo
Email:  maplebrookhands@gmail.com
First Vice President:  Michelle Bain
Email:  maplebrookhands1vp@gmail.com
Second Vice President:  Robyn Carlson
Email:  maplebrookhands2vp@gmail.com
Secretary:  Amy MacDonald
Email:  maplebrookhandssecretary@gmail.com
Treasurer:  Kim Lukowski