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Arrival and Dismissal

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

After several meetings with district personnel, the City of Naperville, Naperville PD, and members of our community, we have determined that the changes made last year to our arrival and dismissal procedures will remain the same.  We looked at a few different options but feel our current practices provide the highest level of safety for our students.  We saw a noticeable improvement during arrival and dismissal with the changes we made last year.  Below you will find a few reminders for our arrival and dismissal process:

  • While traveling eastbound and westbound on Hillside please follow city signage on that states NO stopping, standing or parking.
  • In order to comply with city signage, you will need to park on side streets and walk to pick-up/drop-off your children when the south parking lot is full and at a standstill.
  • If the south parking lot is full you can circle through Thornwood, then left at the end of the street (Sunset) and continue across Loomis where it turns into Sleight.  Then left on to Hillside from Sleight until our parking lot empties and can allow for more cars to enter.
  • We only have one crosswalk for student use and that is at the corner of Hillside and Brainard.
  • When using the south lot to drop children off in the morning we ask that you follow our parking lot signage that asks you to pull down to the Habitat.  This will allow us to get several more cars into the parking lot.  When students exit your car (8:00AM or after) they are to stay on the yellow striped area as their path on to the sidewalk and into the building.
  • Do Not use the handicap parking spots in the north or south lots unless you have a handicap placard.
  • At arrival time, please do not pull into parking spots in either the North or South lots since staff is still arriving.