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News from the Health Office




State-Mandated Paperwork Deadlines


A reminder to parents to send any state-mandated paperwork to school as soon as you are able. While the official deadline for physicals, immunizations and eye examinations is prior to Monday, October 17th, having the paperwork earlier allows us to problem-solve any issues that may arise. Dental examinations are not due until May 15. For more information about health requirements, please see the district’s web page at this link.




A friendly reminder that all student absences need to be reported to the attendance line, which is also the Health Office main number 630-420-6534. Messages may be left at any time or day of the week. When leaving a message, please leave your student’s name, grade, teacher, and reason for your child’s absence. If your child has been diagnosed with COVID-19, please let us know when their symptoms started and the day that they tested positive. If we do not receive a message from you when your child is absent, we are required by Illinois law to call you and inquire about their absence for safety reasons.


Medications and Physician Orders


We are still waiting for many parents to turn in asthma action plans, seizure emergency plans, and food allergy emergency plans. Medication orders for all medication to be given at school need to be resubmitted every school year. Parents may drop off paperwork and medications in the main office. All health office forms are located on the district’s website at this link.

We wish you and your children a wonderful and healthy school year!