• For All 3rd Grade Students and Families:

    Mrs. Dwyer and I are excited about having you in band or orchestra next year!

    Beginning on an instrument is a three step process and we’ll be with you at each step to help:

    Step 1: Instrument Demonstrations

    We will meet with the 3rd grade as a group to demonstrate each of the instruments. After we meet with you, talk about it at home and pick the two you would most like to try. 

    Step 2: Trying Your Instruments

    About a month later Mrs. Dwyer and I (and all the band/orchestra staff from other schools) will be here to meet with every student in 3rd grade individually. At this time you will be given the opportunity to try your top two instruments. The teacher will help you to make a sound on these instruments and make sure it’s a good fit for you. If one of your choices doesn’t fit (sometimes for physical reasons), they may also recommend a different instrument which you would find greater success playing.

    Step 3: Beginning for the first time

    Once a teacher has helped you select an instrument there are two ways to begin on your instrument.

    #1 – Begin this summer!

    Many students like to begin their instrument at the beginning of the summer so they can have fun with it for the rest of the summer before school starts. Summer Band meets for 30 minute lessons during the first three weeks of summer.  Financial assistance is always available for those who are in need. Please privately let me know.

    #2 – Begin at the start of the school year!

    If your family’s vacation plans conflict with summer band dates, you may begin your instrument at the start of the school year. I’ll visit your classrooms within the first two days of school starting next year to get you information and get you started!

    Parents, it would be a pleasure to speak with you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email me anytime.

    Scott Silder, Band Director