• Home & School Overview

    Executive Board for 2023-2024

    President:  Jacki Chaidez

    Vice-President:  Meredith Pollack

    Treasurer:  Becky Wolski 

    Secretary:  Becca McIlwee 

    River Woods Home & School (H&S) is an active volunteer group made up of River Woods School parents and guardians who work in cooperation with administrators and teachers to make our school an amazing place for our children. H&S runs a variety of events and key fundraisers throughout the school year.  The money raised by H&S helps fund several educational and social activities for our students, including field trips, assemblies, end of year activities, classroom enhancements and so much more that we offer at River Woods each year.
    Who is a member of H&S?

    As a parent or guardian of a child at River Woods, you are automatically a member of our H&S Association. We welcome and encourage you to come to our meetings and to volunteer for any of our committees or as a general H&S volunteer. 

    Volunteer Opportunities
    There are many volunteer opportunities at River Woods School. Get involved and have fun meeting other parents by making River Woods a place where our students show PRIDE!

    Sign up for volunteer opportunities.

    If you would like to contact someone for additional ideas and ways to help, please contact any member of the Executive Board and they will assist you.
    Executive Board 2023-2024
    President:  Jacki Chaidez    RiverWoodshands@gmail.com
    Vice-president: Meredith Pollack    
    Secretary:  Becca McIlwee    
    Treasurer:  Becky Wolski     


    River Woods Home & School is excited to announce that we have created all new social media pages.  Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with all the exciting happenings at our school!  

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