LANCER PRIDE awards are designed to recognize students who make outstanding contributions to the school community in alignment with the attributes identified in the LANCER acronym. Students selected for these awards should consistently display these characteristics.


    Each grade level has two characteristics they focus on, although all grades work toward developing students who display all of the characteristics. Students are nominated at midterm and trimester by various staff members. 


    Students that are recognized will receive a locker decoration, their name on the marquee and a packet containing

    ·         Certificate of recognition

    ·         Detailed write up from staff as to why the student earned this award

    ·         Voucher for a pizza party (for up to 4 people) at school during lunch (Aramark pizza)

    ·         An invitation to join LANCER Pride council

    ·         LANCER Pride lanyard

    ·         Various added incentives as available