Strategic Math

  • Strategic Math class is designed to help student improve their math skills using a variety of researched based curriculums. This class meets daily in lieu of the exploratory class. Students who score below 40th NPR (National Percentile Rank) on the math portion of the Performance Series test and confirmed by teacher recommendation, are considered for this class. Students do not receive a grade in this class, but progress reports are sent to the parents midterm and the end of each trimester.

    The core math resource is ALEKS, a web-based curriculum which focuses on the most essential previously taught targets identified through the initial assessment which customizes the learning topics. Completion of these topics will give additional support for current concepts in addition to remediating weakness on prior targets.

    Students will be screened to determine if the resources listed below would be an appropriate additional support.

    Fasttmath: web-based focusing on fact fluency. Middle school students typically begin with multiplication.

    Fraction Nation: web-based focusing on fraction and decimal fluency.

    Do the Math Fractions: using manipulatives to build conceptual knowledge of fractions.


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