Maplebrook Elementary School

Dedicated To Excellence In Education

  • Health Overview K-12

    • Health Philosophy

      We believe:
      Health education is an extremely important aspect in the total educational growth of every student.  In District 203, health education is based on the wellness model, which integrates the social, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical dimensions of health in order to promote a healthy lifestyle.  Cooperation among the school, home, and community is imperative in providing information and values to promote wellness in every student.

      Health Goals

      As a result of our comprehensive health education program, students of District 203 should be able to do the following:
      • understand the interrelationships of the wellness model.
      • achieve fullest potential and enhance quality of life by accepting responsibility for personal health choices and practices.
      • become discriminating consumers of health information, health services and health products.
      • formulate a personal health plan by integrating the wellness model, personal experiences, and family values.

    Health Curriculum K-5

    • Kindergarten

      • Introduction to Personal Feelings
      • Introduction to Germs
      • Introduction to Dental Health

      Grade 1

      • Friendship/Relationships
      • Germs
    • Grade 2

      • Introduction to Germs
      • A Happy, Healthy Me
      • Dental Health
      • Life Threatening & Seasonal Allergies
      • Germs

      Grade 3

      • Nutrition
      • Stress
      • On Your Own
      • Learn Not to Burn & Safety Town
      • Internet Safety
    • Grade 4

      • Diseases and Environmental Impacts on Body Systems
      • Be Smart: Be Safe

      Grade 5

      • Too Good for Drugs
      • Health & Safety
      • Puberty
      • Internet Safety

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