School Counseling

  •  Comprehensive School Counseling Brochure



    Every student will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve personal growth and postsecondary success.



    Comprehensive counseling services in Naperville 203 provide students with preventative and responsive services that promote academic, social emotional, and college & career skill development in order to advance and empower students to achieve postsecondary success.



    All students will…

    • Develop self-advocacy skills and utilize resources within the school community in order to transition into adulthood.
    • Have the ability to grow in the areas of academic, social-emotional, and career readiness. 
    • Have access to the tools they need to achieve balance in their definition of success.  



    • Creating a safe school environment where children can learn.
    • Listening to students concerns.
    • Promoting positive attitudes.
    • Designing interventions that lead to student success.
    • Teaching students anger management, conflict resolution, mediation skills, and organizational strategies. 
    • Welcoming incoming 6th grade students from elementary school.
    • Helping parents, teachers, and administrators to meet the needs of all students.
    • Empowering students to become self-advocates.
    • Developing and maintaining personal relationships beginning in sixth grade and continuing through eighth grade.
    • Advocating for students.
    • Working with students individually, in small groups and in the classroom.  
    • Coordinating referrals to outside agencies.
    • Transitioning students to high school.
    • Supporting new students and families who enroll in Lincoln Junior High School.



    • CHAT Slips (Available in the counseling office and in all classrooms)
    • Counselor Request
    • Friend Referral 
    • Parent Referral
    • Self-Referral
    • Staff Referral



    • Concerns over student achievement
    • Discussing needs of your student 
    • Early discussion of potential crisis
    • Family difficulties or concerns
    • Family health problems


    *Parents can call or email the school counselor at any time for a phone conference or to set up a meeting.*



    The Naperville 203 College & Career Counseling Curriculum promotes student academic, social emotional, and postsecondary preparation through utilization of tools, resources, and best practices.  The ongoing curriculum spans 6-12th grade and includes goal setting, planning, and developing an individual learning plan for each student on SchooLinks.  


    Junior High College & Career Curriculum Outcomes


    6th Grade Student Goal:  Students will explore interests, talents, skills, and strategies to promote school and life success.

    Priority Standards:

    • Develop and practice a self-management system to promote academic success
    • Investigate career and educational information resources to understand occupations and career clusters
    • Identify a variety of life transitions
    • Set a short-term goal; and with support, make a plan for achieving the short-term goal


    • Trimester 1: Being the Best Student I Can Be
    • Trimester 2: Exploring the Skills I Bring to A Team
    • Trimester 3: Investigating My Future


    7th Grade Student Goal:  Students will investigate opportunities grounded in personal interests and strengths with understanding of career clusters.

    Priority Standards:

    • Engage in organizational, self-motivation and goal setting skills to work independently
    • Analyze current interests, strengths, and areas of growth to guide career exploration and educational planning
    • Identify how life transitions and changing situations can create stress
    • With support, apply strategies to manage stress and motivate successful performance


    • Trimester 1: Getting Ready
    • Trimester 2: Investigating My Career Interests 
    • rimester 3: Postsecondary Pathways


    8th Grade Student Goal:  Students will develop academic and career plans that match interests and postsecondary goals and identify strategies for making a successful transition to high school.

    Priority Standards:

    • Set a long-term academic, career, and social-emotional goals and develop a plan for demonstrating perseverance to achieve each goal
    • Compare personal interests with information about careers and education to develop individualized learning plan
    • Identify and implement coping strategies that will contribute to one’s success in high school


    • Trimester 1: Career Goals and Postsecondary Connections
    • Trimester 2: Preparing for High School
    • Trimester 3: Reaching My Goals

    What is SchooLinks? 

    • SchooLinks is a college and career readiness platform that empowers students.  The program helps to streamline all post-secondary planning activities from learning styles, career interest inventory, all the way to post-secondary outcome tracking.   SchooLinks utilizes algorithms to personalize and simplify the otherwise intimidating experience for students and families, while providing a set of powerful tools. 
    • Parents will receive information to create their guardian account on SchooLinks before October 30.