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  • Whitelisting

    • If you currently use an anti-spam filter, program or service and would like to be sure that you receive your Talk203 email messages, please add all of the applicable email addresses on this page to your "safe" or permitted email sender list. This usually involves simply adding our sending address (From:) to your whitelist, safelist, or list of permitted senders. This is commonly known as whitelisting. Methods of doing this vary depending upon what email client software you use; please check that software's help for specific instructions.

      Each school has its own email address from which messages are sent. Make sure to add each of your schools' addresses from the list at right, as well as the District email address, to the contact list in your email software and add the domain to your permitted senders.

      If subsequent messages continue to be filtered, call or e-mail your business or internet service provider's technical support and ask how you can be sure to receive all email from the addresses at right.

    Talk203 Email Addresses

    • The District Talk203 email address is:

      Schools’ Talk203 email addresses are:

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