Literary Club

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    Literary Club is a venue for students to share their love for reading. Discussions cover two books on the Battle of the Books List per session. The students do not need to read the books prior to the meeting they can come and learn about two more possible books that interest them! The Battle of the Books team is open to any student that would like to take the Battle of the Books test in February. We ask that the students who try out for the team have come to at least three Literary Club meetings that begin in October and end in January.  *In order to test for the Battle team, you must attend at least three Literary Club meetings.*
    Participants: Open to all Fourth and Fifth Grade students
    Schedule: After school from 2:30 to 3:15 pm, Sept-Jan. in classrooms; Battle of the Books test is in January. List of dates will be sent home with participants.
    Fees: None
    Mrs. Clow (Email), Ms. Pardungkiattisak (Email), teachers


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