Ms. Jensen
    Ms. Jensen
    Sports Balls

    Our Mill Street Physical Education curriculum promotes life-long learning skills through many forms of physical activity.

    We also promote good sportsmanship and an appreciation for physical fitness at an early age. We move, cooperate, play games, and participate in various sports and recreational activities while we learn how our body moves. This is a rewarding time for children in grades K-5.

    P.E. activities throughout the year include; Football, Soccer, Rock Climbing, Team Building, Double Capture the Flag, 4 Square, Volleyball, Team Handball, Badminton, Speed Stacking, Project Adventure, Floor hockey, kick ball, 6 base kickball, pirates treasure, softball.

    We also administer fitness assessments: mile run, sit ups, pacer test , sit and reach, safety check list, locomotor development, health fitness activity.


    Links: www.actionbasedlearning.com, www.johnratey.com