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  • What is Mill Street Grows?  

     Mill Street Grows is the project name for the creation and utilization of outdoor classroom spaces at Mill Street Elementary School and which will begin installation in the spring of 2020!  

    The goal of Mill Street Grows and the idea behind an outdoor classroom space is simple: to increase the quantity, quality, and benefits of outdoor experiences for children. There is certain learning that takes place outdoors that doesn't occur indoors. It is important that outdoor environments be as richly and thoughtfully equipped as indoor ones. Children should be able to move seamlessly between indoors and outdoors; their play and learning should be as easy in one place as the other.

    Benefits of an outdoor classroom and sensory space can be seen in many different facets of child development, including physical and cognitive development, as well as to provide a unique setting to explore a deeper understanding of social and emotional skills and importantly, sparking an interest and appreciation for nature and the world in which we thrive!


    Sensory Garden  Outdoor Classroom

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