• Sponsors: Mrs. Vivian and Mrs. Konrad

    Meeting Times: See the calendar below & listen to announcements for any changes and/or additions to the meeting dates.

    What do we do?

    The focus of the technology/STEM club is to provide an opportunity for students to explore areas of interest.  Some days are structured, and all students will be participating in the same activity.  Other days students will be allowed to choose a long term project that they can work on individually or with a small group of friends.  The days and times vary throughout the week, so it is important to use the calendar to decide what days to join.  Students can come to every meeting or join us for just the ones that fit in their schedule or are of interest.

    All students in grade 6, 7, and 8 are welcome!
    Come and try us out. Questions? Ask Mrs. Vivian or Mrs. Konrad

    Permission Slip - Click here for a copy

    Informational meeting: October 15 after school 2:55- 3:45

    2:55- 3:45

    2:55- 3:45

    7:00- 7:45

    2:55- 3:45


    Nov  6

    Keva challenge

    Nov 7

    Self directed choice

    Nov 11

    Self directed choice

    Nov 12

    Self directed choice

    Nov 13

    Bridge challenge

    Nov 14

    Self directed choice

    Nov 18

    Self directed choice

    Nov 19

    Code Ninjas
    3:30- 5:30

    Nov 20

    Potato chip challenge

    Nov 21

    Self directed choice

    Nov 25

    Self directed choice

    Nov 26

    Code Ninjas
    3:30- 5:30

    Thanksgiving Break

    Dec 2

    Self directed choice

    Dec 3

    Code Ninjas
    3:30- 5:30

    Dec 4

    Paper glider challenge

    Dec 5

    Self directed choice

    Dec 9

    Self-directed choice

    Dec 10

    Pizza Party


    Monday and Thursday- self directing learning by choice

    • Coding- Studio Code, spheros or ozobots, Make Code
    • Programming- Scratch 
    • Circuit work- Little Bits, Makey Makey, Lego WeDo
    • 3D printing- Tinkercad 
    • Media- Movie Maker, green screen, stop animation 
    • Video gaming- Minecraft
    • Breakout- design the activity using math and science
    • Other- any student suggestions will be considered 

    Tuesdays (November 19, 26, and December 3)- field trips to Code Ninjas- requires transportation
    1305 S Naper Blvd
    Naperville IL 60540
    (630) 300-3636
    3:30-5:30; $15.00 a session

    Wednesday mornings- Engineering challenges- 
    Paper bridges, Keva planks, paper glider, potato chip protection