• Sponsor: Mr. Bakke

    Meeting Times: Two Saturdays in the Spring

    Permission Slip: N/A

    Fishing Derby Poster: N/A

    Invitation: Do Swedish Pimples trouble you? Are you overrun by Fuzzy Grubs? Not even Iron Man or Spider Man can help you…you need to get out and go fishing! It's that time of year. Time for the 21st Annual Madison Fishing Derby! Celebrate our 20 years of fun by signing up today. Sign up for the Madison Fishing Club as our first outing is in April, down at the Riverwalk quarry.

    There will be many fabulous prizes; NOT including an all-expense paid trip to Hawaii. Win fishing poles, tackle boxes, lure kits, and more in the 2014 Warhawk Fishing Club at the Riverwalk! See Mr. Bakke for sign up

    MJHS Fishing Club

    What do I need?

    We will be fishing at the Riverwalk Quarry at the corner of Eagle Street and the DuPage River in downtown Naperville. You will need to provide your own transportation; make sure that your rides are at the Riverwalk at the exact ending time. Please have your parents sign the permission slip below, and return this to Mr. Bakke when you arrive at the Riverwalk. Below you'll find some suggested tackle that works well in our quest for that "Bucketmouth":
    • No. 6 or No. 4 Baithooks
    • Nightcrawlers or Leeches (try Kmart, Hidden Lakes, or Bass Pro Shop)
    • Some small split shot
    • Your favorite panfish lures
    • A cold pop and a snack

    The Riverwalk has bass, bluegills, trout and catfish. If you have past experience and knowledge of tackle for these, bring those with you, too. You may fish the river, too; in the past it has produced 5 to 10 pound carp for fishing club members! Also, don't forget to bring along a friend!

    Madison kids catching fish