Transition Services

  • Our work at Connections is targeted towards providing students and families with the practical and experiential skills and knowledge that will assist in a successful transition to adult life.  Connections represents the synthesis and application of skills learned throughout elementary, middle, and high school while simultaneously building the bridge to adult services, community employment, and post-secondary institutions.  We provide services across the following areas: education, training, employment, and independent living skills.  We partner with our students and families to determine which services each students will receive.  Self-determination and social skills drive our work and are threaded across all of the services that we provide.  

    Connections' students each have their own unique schedule.  Connections operates on a block-schedule to allow for both classroom and community instruction.  Courses taught at Connections are:

    • Functional Academics
    • Independent Living
    • Social Emotional Learning
    • Vocational Skills
    • COD Connect

    Connections' students enter the community several times each week as a planned part of their courses to apply skills learned in the classroom, learn new skills in an authentic environment, and engage in experiences that will help them to meet their post-secondary outcomes.