• Calendar Features
    This calendar is very user-friendly!  
    You can merge multiple calendars across all the SCASD sites into this individual calendar.
    You can do this by dropping down the arrow next to "Customize Calendar View"
    1.  Calendar: Press the Pencil Icon>Press the Add/Remove Button and find all the calendars you want to bring into the current calendar you are viewing.
    2.  Categories: Press the Pencil Icon>Press the Add/Remove Button and limit the event categories to only the ones you are interested in.
  • Feeding into your Personal Calendar
    This works with google, yahoo, ical, outlook and more!
    Export icon This Export button will export all of the events you have chosen to view into a file that you can then import into your own personal calendar.  Please note that if you choose this option, if any events change in date or time, you will not get that automatically updates and you would need to do another export and import.
    Ical icon This ICal feed button will pull all of the events into your personal calendar using an RSS feed.  This allows your calendar to continue to keep the most current changes to any event in your calendar as well.  This is a great way to stay updated with all of the PTO events if they get changed due to inclement weather.