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  • Delayed Start and School Closings

    • School Closures

      During the 2020-21 school year, Naperville 203 will implement remote learning days instead of enacting a school closure for inclement weather.  In the unlikely event a school or District closure must occur (e.g. power outage), it will be announced as soon as possible on the District website, through the District’s Talk203 email system and social media channels.  In addition, school closures are reported to the Emergency Closing Center, which broadcasts the information on the following Chicago stations: WGN-AM (720), WBBM-AM (780), and CBS-TV (2), NBC-TV (5), ABC-TV (7), WGN-TV (9), FOX-TV, and CLTV cable. Families may also call the District Administrative Offices – (630) 420-6300 – to hear a recorded telephone message concerning a school closing or late start.

      Delayed Start

      During the 2020-2021 school year only, Naperville School District 203 will not run a delayed start schedule on severe weather days. As mentioned above, if inclement weather is announced, Naperville 203 will utilize a remote learning day.  Students and educators follow their schedule remotely rather than enacting a delayed start.

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