Safety Patrol

  • The River Wood’s Safety Patrol is made up of fifth grade students that expressed an interest in this important responsibility while in fourth grade.  These children need to be dependable and well-behaved. They must also work at being active learners in their classes as well.  The River Wood’s Safety Patrol is a dedicated group of fifth grade students that are attentive to their duty in all kinds of weather and conditions.

    There are different locations and duties that the patrol team is responsible for. These include bus duty, crossing duty at several different locations around the school and bicycle rack duty. There are also an important team of patrol members that aid the kindergarten teachers with arrivals and dismissals.

    The safety patrols are to report for duty at their posts no later than eight o’clock in the morning until ten minutes after. The afternoon patrols need to be on duty by 2:28 and are finished at 2:40pm.

    The jobs can often be tedious and challenging for our patrols. Our team understands the importance of their assignments and have always shown a positive commitment to the safety of the students of River Woods School.