Home & School Board Member Guidelines

  • Naper Home and School

    Thank you for volunteering to chair a Board position this year. It is only with your help that we can achieve our goal of working in cooperation with Naper's teachers, staff and administration to make Naper School an extraordinary place for our children. Below are some general guidelines and procedures to follow throughout the school year.


    Home and School Board Meetings:

    Please make every effort to attend (or have a committee member from your committee attend) our monthly Board meetings. Meetings are typically held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 1:00-2:30 in the Naper LRC. A list of our meeting dates is included online and can be found each month in the Naper News. It is important for each committee to be represented so the board and general school population can be kept up to date on the activities and/or events pertaining to that committee.

    If you or a Committee member are unable to attend- ­ Email a member of the executive board if you wish one of us to make a committee report for you.

    Presentation to the Naper Board for any Committee Events:

    Please be prepared a minimum of three months prior to your event (sooner if necessary) to present your event plan to the Naper Executive and/or Full Board. Please use the Naper H&S Planning Guide (click here). Should there be any items that require a vote from the Board, this will allow you to adjust your plan prior to spending a lot of time and energy preparing for your event.

    Budgeting For Your Event:

    The Naper H&S budgets for H&S Committee events are developed based on Committee Chair input and must be adhered to as best as possible. It is essential that all expenses and estimated profits be presented to the full board before you purchase items or set forth a ticket price for your event. This might include favors, food expenses, prizes, entry fees, etc.

    Recapping Your Committee Event:

    Please prepare a bullet point recap of your event to present to the Board at the Board meeting following your event. This should include a detailed expense and profit recap, number of attendees where applicable, ideas for improvement for next year, and a short recap of how the event went and how it was received by the Naper community. 


    All chairperson positions on the Naper H&S board are allowed to cast a vote. Your ideas and input are VERY valuable to us! Voting may occur at either monthly Board meetings, or, in some cases, electronically. PLEASE make sure we have your correct email on file.


    Publicizing your event is vital for its success!! There are several forms of communication that H&S uses throughout the school year that will help in publicizing your event. These are listed below. All H&S Communication is handled by our Communications Chair. The Communications Chair can be contacted at naperhandscomms@gmail.com.

    Naper News: The Naper News is our monthly newsletter that provides information, news, volunteer needs, and school updates. 
This is a great way to get the word out about your event by submitting an article. 

    Local Papers: If you would like to try and get local media coverage of your event, please provide the Communications chair with the details of the activity.