Currently, our annual K-12 District 203 Art Show is being featured at the Naperville Municipal Center through March 22nd.  There are student artworks showcasing Kindergarten through fifth grade art lesson products from one hundred eighteen Prairie student representatives. Our school display is located on two display boards on the main floor.  Many of our representative student artists and their families had an opportunity to view their work as well as works by other students throughout the district during a wonderful reception in the evening on February 28th.  Please consider visiting this wonderful show at city hall during typical business hours through March 22nd.

During the evening of February 28th, digital artwork created by twelve fifth grade students was showcased in a mini movie during the third annual student film festival: iFilm 203.  Students from many schools in our district worked on film and other digital art projects that highlighted one or more of our district mission strands: Quality Producers, Community Contributors, Collaborative Workers, Complex Thinkers, and Self-Directed Learners. 

A Closer Look at First Grade Art: 
These students are exploring the art form of CARTOONING during the month of March.  The students were inspired by the story and illustrations in the book titled Adventures of Max the Minnow by William Boniface.  Illustrator Don Sullivan created delightful works that bring the story to life.  Students will enjoy using a drawing application on student iPads to create their own compositions featuring cartoon fish and other underwater ocean friends.  They will also use oil pastels to create larger drawings of similar subjects.  Students will describe the subject matter in their work and reflect on their products once artwork has been completed.  Look for these works on display in our school later this spring.

Lessons and future lesson will allow students to demonstrate their level of proficiency for these first grade art reporting standards for third trimester:

- Uses media and tools in an appropriate and safe manner while experimenting with a variety of art materials.

- Demonstrates the use of a variety of materials, mixed media, and tools to create a composition containing a subject matter.

- Describes the subject matter in a work of art.