Wild Robot Protects

by Peter Brown Year Published: 2016


Normally, I don’t do two chapter books in a row for the book of the week, but there were so many book birthdays recently that I had to! The third installment of the Wild Robot series is here! From the book jacket: 

Life for Roz and the animals on their island is perfect. But when mysterious, dangerous waters surround the island, the animals are forced inland to fight over dwindling resources. 

Roz calms and organizes the animals, but the poison tide takes a terrible toll on the island. So the wild robot sets out across the ocean, determined to stop the poison tide. During her journey, Roz encounters amazing ecological formations and incredible creatures, and she sees the devastation caused by the toxic waters. Can the wild robot save the ocean and her island and everything she loves? This thrilling third installment of the Wild Robot series takes readers on a new adventure through the ocean and to the frigid northern waters where Roz may have to make the ultimate sacrifice. “  For those of you that are new, The Wild Robot was our One Book, One School from two years ago!  We have three copies in the LC – check them out today!