Capybara is Friends with Everyone

by Maddie Frost Year Published: 2022


Our first book pick of the year is a Monarch Award nominee. Selected by librarians and teachers from across Illinois, the Monarch nominees target readers in kindergarten through third grade. And at the beginning of the year, whether students have been at Highlands since kindergarten or they’ve just arrived, friendship is on everyone’s mind. In Capybara is Friends with Everyone by Maddie Frost, we discover Capybara’s life is dedicated to his friends- all 4,382 of them. But when a new creature throws off his idea of friendship, will Capybara be able to make adjustments? Bright colorful pictures, a good sense of humor, and a fantastic message for ALL ages (you WILL recognize yourself or a friend in Capybara) make this a great beginning of the year read aloud for all classes. Since it’s a Monarch book, we have three copies! Come check one out today!