Don't Hug Doug: (He Doesn't Like It)

by Carrie Finison Year Published: 2021


If you’ve ever spent any time with me in a group of friends, you might be surprised to know that I like hugs.  However, I have a pretty strong anti-hug policy at school.  This week’s book pick SPEAKS TO MY SOUL. I felt very seen and represented in this book, and I think others would too. Don’t Hug Doug (He Doesn’t Like It) is a *perfect* book about personal space and setting boundaries. The message is simple and hilarious and talks about how it’s okay to have guidelines for your body in a way that all of our community can understand.  I could go on and on about my idiosyncrasies of hugging, but I’ll spare you my diatribe.  Just go read the book to your students, whatever grade level you’re at, and enjoy!  It’s a Monarch book this year- we have three copies!