The Home Stretch

Posted by Bill Wiesbrook on 3/11/2019

Naperville Central is filled with great people doing great things.  We should all strive to fulfill our mission statement and consistently demonstrate that we are quality producers, complex thinkers, self-directed learners, collaborative workers, and community contributors.  Let’s keep doing our best and working to reach our potential!


District 203 schools have been closed four days due to cold weather conditions.  Our final day of school for students is now projected as Friday, May 31st.  Student attendance during final exams is mandatory.  Families should always recognize the five “emergency days” listed on the district calendar, and avoid making plans that conflict with those five days.  To protect the integrity of final exams and to assist in the logistics of proctoring final exams for 2,700 students, it is an expectation that all students will be in attendance on the dates of final exams (May 28, 29, 30, and 31st).  In the event of a conflict that cannot be avoided, please contact Assistant Principal Jackie Thornton to be considered as an exception to this policy.  Any student who is excused and absent during one of the final exam periods will need to make up the exam or final responsibility according to the teacher’s recommended plan.


I continue to be impressed by the accomplishments of our students.  I regularly visit classrooms where I see students invested in their learning and growth.  I regularly attend extra-curricular events where I see our students doing incredible things.  Please continue to encourage your student(s) to do their best and work towards improving themselves.  Effort, a positive attitude, belief, and determination are the critical ingredients of success.  When your student runs into an obstacle, or faces a significant challenge, continue to persuade your student to keep trying and know that there is plenty of support and help available at NCHS.  Persistence is something that we all need.  


Best wishes for a great “home stretch” of the school year.  Go Redhawks!