Final Exams

Posted by Bill Wiesbrook on 12/6/2018



Greetings from NCHS.  According to my calendar, we have 3 weeks remaining of school before we reach final exams and the end of the first semester.  Therefore, I’d like to help you learn about final exams at NCHS.  Some of our courses end with a project or presentation.  Most courses end with a traditional exam.  It’s important that our students are in attendance for the three days of final exams.  The final exam schedule is included in this newsletter and can also be found on the NCHS website.  Please see the information below regarding attendance procedures for students during the three days of final exams (December 19, 20, and 21st).


  • If any student has three “rigorous” final exams on the same date, he/she may speak with one of the teachers to make arrangements to move the final exam to the lunch period or the make-up period. There is no need for parent permission or administrator approval.
  • If a student requests to be absent for a final exam, the student must complete the final exam absence document (available in the main office or on the NCHS website) and obtain a parent permission signature and approval from Assistant Principal, Mrs. Thornton.
  • If a student requests to be absent for all three days of final exams, the parent must contact Assistant Principal, Jackie Thornton for approval. This should take place at least one week before final exams.  If approved, the teachers will decide when and how the student will complete final responsibilities for the class.


Best wishes to all of our students on the remainder of the first semester.  Students should do their best to be in attendance, completing all assignments, and preparing for final exams and responsibilities.  If anyone has a question regarding final exams, the final exam schedule, or anything related to the end of the semester, feel free to contact the teacher or an administrator.  We all want our students to end the semester with a positive experience. 






Bill Wiesbrook, Principal